Haunted School 2

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Haunted School 2

Ten years have passed since the events of the first Haunted School when the horror game Haunted School 2 is set. Travel to the spooky abandoned school once more to carry out another exorcism.

Ways to Play
The ghost has returned, and this time she's older and angrier than before. Explore the school's damaged hallways in quest of solutions. Before it's too late, figure out the puzzles so you can expel the wicked spirit.

You can use a cross you find early on in the game to drive the spirit away temporarily before it kills you. Haunted School uses jump scares and tension to keep you on the edge of your seat as it gets scarier and scarier. The atmosphere is reminiscent of several well-known survival horror games. Get ready for leap scares, be prepared for merciless terrors, and endure the horrors!

How to play

Using Mouse

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