Roblox: Parachute

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Roblox: Parachute

This game offers an addictive obstacle course experience that takes you on an adrenaline-fuelled adventure. You will test your agility, calculation and precision to overcome this challenging obstacle course. Fast jumps, dynamic platforms and deadly traps will require you to utilise your skills to the max. As you navigate the dangerous terrain, you will struggle to be the fastest and most careful player. Your goal in this fun parkour game is to complete each challenge as fast as possible! - WASD - control the character. - Space bar - jump. - Esc - pause the game. - Rotate the camera with the mouse. - R - use the parachute with the key. - Shift - key to speed up even more. 800 X 450 Fri Sep 15 2023

How to play

Using Mouse

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